Pneumatic fenders

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Pneumatic fenders

Fendertec supplies marine fendering systems all around the globe. Our quality pneumatic fenders cope with ISO 17357 before shipping to our customers. With a large pneumatic fender stock we ensure great fender solutions in short delivery terms.

Pneumatic fenders, or Yokohama fenders, are suitable in multiple applications like protection of your vessel during ship to ship operations or to protect your vessel while attending ports.


Fendertec provides standardized pneumatic fenders which contains 3 main layers.

1. Inner rubber

2. Reinforced tyre cord

3. Outer rubber


More key features of pneumatic fenders. Besides standardized pneumatic fenders, Fendertec also supplies Pneumatic fenders according to customers specific requirements. Often we advise chains and tyre nets for fender body protection. More applications of pneumatic fenders.

Pneumatic fender with tire net

Pneumatic fender sling

Pneumatic fender ribbed

Pneumatic fender sling